PPE vending machine

Personnal Protective Equipment vending machine

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  • The PPE dispensing machine is located in the workplace and features signage to help the user select the right PPE, such as job descriptions, recommendations, etc.
  • The PPE is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as required by European Directive 89-656 of 30 November 1989. Staff dispense equipment using an individual swipe card.
  • The PPE dispensing machine helps to ensure compliance with the approved recommendations of the preventative safety department.

Easy of use

1. The user selects the PPE of his/her choice on the touch screen.

2. The user swipes his/her card in the reader and the software records the dispensing time and date, user’s ID number and item dispensed.

3. The dispensing machine then dispenses the product via the corresponding compartment.

Consumption control

Each transaction is stored in a central database, allowing you to view and export consumption statistics.

Each user has a unique card number and a profile containing his/her measurements (hand size, shoe size, etc.).

You can manage stock by supplier reference number or internal reference number. The software issues a warning before a particular item runs out of stock.

You can set product-specific quotas for a particular department or employee. Once this quota is exceeded, the machine will stop dispensing the product.

You can also limit a particular user’s access to certain types of PPE, helping to improve safety and limit the potential for errors (e.g. an employee assigned to a specific task cannot dispense PPE intended for a different user or task).


  • EPIMAT dimensions: height: 200 cm, depth: 100 cm, width: 110 cm.
  • Capable of handling between 1 and 1,900 individual item references.
  • Capacity: 468 to 1,900 items, depending on the configuration.
  • Compatible with all types of access control card (magnetic cards, barcode cards and transponder cards).

Type 1


Type 2


Type 3


Type 4


Type 5


Type 6


Type 1

36 casiers


Type 2

90 casiers


Type 3

180 casiers


Type 4

126 casiers


Type 5

252 casiers


Type 6

468 casiers