Design & manufacture of vending machines

Manufacturer of automated vending machines


For 25 years Logimatiq Système has specialised in the design and manufacturing of all types of customised vending machines. Depending on the specifications, we can integrate any type of payment system (credit card, note acceptor, coin acceptor, prepaid card) for the automated dispensing of products or services.

Unique & high-quality know-how

Maîtrise complète de la supply chain.

Environmental commitment

Low consumption machines and sustainable materials

Local approach

We are based near Lyon and have a national reach

Dedicated teams

Assembly workshop, technical and after-sales team, and a sales team


Discover our extensive range of automated vending machines

Are you looking for an efficient solution to manage your company’s inventory and reduce consumption in an economical and environmentally friendly way? We manufacture smart automated vending machines in France (and deliver them wherever you are), capable of providing all types of products to your employees and/or your customers. Find the right Logimatiq Système automated vending machine for you needs…

« Our smart vending machines are tailor-made in France ! »


Our services

Powerful management software with simplified deployment

Benefit from simplified machine management using a combination of 4G and the cloud. All our vending machines are equipped with a functional management software package.


Our services

After-sales service that listens to you with proven expertise.

We guarantee the correct operation of our machines and the reliability of our service thanks to our expertise recognized on the market for more than 25 years.